New Year Goals


New Year Resolutions
New Year resolutions, life goals, whatever you want to call them we usually make a few at the start of each year.

This year I’ve decided to be a bit more realistic with myself and select areas that I want to focus on and ones that can actually be obtainable. Yes I would love to have a toned stomach for summer, but unless I start getting fit this will not happen. Plus there is no way I can give up on sweet treats – sorry but its true.

Before I ramble on with other unrealistic resolutions I have previously made, here are my realistic 2016 goals.



Keeping a positive frame of mind. Sometimes it is easy to get put down from the little things to the big and I usually do. I want to be able to teach myself to stop sweating the small stuff, brush off those nagging things that are said by other people or that I think. Although this is sometimes easier said then done trying is the first step.

Like many of you I usually put ‘exercise more’ on my yearly resolutions, but this year I want to focus on yoga. I tried hot yoga a few times a couple of years but due to time constraints and blah blah blah (add excuses here) I never committed, but hopefully this year I will. I’ve booked in sessions twice a week this month to ease myself into it, however I would like to increase this to three/four times a week or incorporate another fitness class into my regime. Fingers crossed!


Say Yes
I want to do more things that I normally wouldn’t and stop saying ‘no’. I don’t mean be more daring and go sky diving or base jumping. Instead it’s the small things that I want to say ‘yes’ to. Whether that is to try a different cuisine, attempt baking/cooking something I have never tried before, or pursuing something I’ve been putting me off or never thought of doing until now. Whatever it is I’ll be starting to say yes.


Starting my blog is something I wanted to do for a while and as you can see I finally have. I really like reading other blogs for many reasons, whether it is a fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel or a combination. However I never really knew what type of blog represented me. As my blog name suggests it is more of a lifestyle blog, but in the sense that lifestyle incorporates a variety of components, not just food and fitness. So stay tuned and feel free to leave comments.

I hope you enjoy my lifestyle archives and have a good New Year!



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