A Salad Haters DIY Salad


There is nothing more boring then looking at a bag of pre-made salad. Of course there’s a voice in your head saying “go on pick the salad it’s healthy”, but then there’s the reality: if I eat that I’ll probably still be hungry in 10 minutes… or a whole bag of chocolate magically disappears.

Yes this was me. Maybe it is you too.

On a health kick last year I tried to be one of those people who had a salad for lunch and I came to this conclusion: every salad I bought (in supermarkets and restaurants) I ended up hating, so why bother?

In the end I back tracked and try to figure out what I liked about a salad. By doing this I came up with my own salad that I now make on a regular basis and, shock horror – I LOVE IT.

If you want to know what my favourite DIY salad is, and maybe get ideas for yourself, keep reading.

To start with I use lettuce (obvious I know). I don’t use the pre-washed already prepared bags form the supermarket, mainly because I find that these do not stay fresh for long in comparison to a whole lettuce. I tend to go for heart of romaine as they have a bit of crispy-ness to them, not as much as ice berg lettuce, and have a softer leaf-like texture.

After washing and pat-drying around four leaves I bunch them together and chop the lettuce. I then add cucumber to give another flavour and ‘spice up’ the fairly boring looking base, although you can use any other vegetables – peppers or roasted tomatoes would also be great!

Next I need something that will fill me up. As I’m a pescatarian (someone who does not eat meat but does eat fish) I usually choose tuna, but you can add whatever you like, chicken, salmon…the list goes on.

You can leave it like this, or use a salad dressing for your choice. I like to add ranch sometimes, but I only add a spoonful to keep it healthy.

And there you have it, a salad that takes 5 minutes!

If your not a fan of lettuce why not try a carrot salad instead? It tastes great, has crunch and it’s brightly coloured, which always makes meals more appealing.



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