Chocolatey Valentines Day Treats


Need a sweet idea for something special for your valentine? There’s nothing like a simple, yet thoughtful, homemade chocolatey sign of affection. Just try not to eat them all yourself!

Valentines can be overly commericalised and can seem to suck the fun out of this day. Everyone seems flustered and buys last minute chocolates and flowers, but why not do something a little different.

These mini chocolate cakes can be made on the day or a few days before. They are seriously easy to make, the only hard part is trying not to drop them… although it doesn’t matter too much if you do, it is the thought that counts after all.


What you’ll need:

Chocolate cake recipe of your choice.

A heart shaped cookie cutter.

Homemade or store bought icing (I used Betty Crocker’s chocolate icing).

One plate/bowl.

A palette knife or flat headed utensil to lift your mini cakes.



1. Firstly you need to make your preferred chocolate cake, this can be any recipe of your choice.

2. After it has baked and cooled level off the top so you are left with a flat topped cake (please be careful when doing this as you can cut yourself. My tip would be to do this slowly bit by bit).

3. Use your cookie cutter to cut out as many mini cakes as you can/you would like. Make sure you push the cutter right the way through the sponge. Place any extra cake into a container – you can snack on this later!

4. Place your homemade/ready made icing in a microwaveable bowl and heat for 20-30seconds – just enough time to make the icing a bit runny (but not too liquidy).

5. After the icing is a good consistency to pour over your cakes. Use your plate / bowl, which can be used to catch spare icing, and add something that your cakes can stand on within the bowl. I used an upside down espresso cup so that the cakes could not get stuck on the plate/bowl beneath. Place your cakes on whatever you decide to use and gentle pour over the icing,  making sure you cover every side evenly.

6. Allow the icing to cool and harden before you attempt to move the cake. If you plan to do these in advance I recommend that you put your cakes in an air-tight container in the fridge, this way you keep them fresh and the icing does not get warm and melt off. If you want to serve straight away place them on a plate and decorate as you wish. I used strawberries to add a pop of colour and a fresh element to balance the amount of chocolate. I may have needed a lot more strawberries…

I hope you try this out for any special occasion you have. They will no doubt impress and taste great too.

Happy Valentines everyone!

P.S. I ate both of these. They were too tasty to share!



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