How To Make The Best Of The New Year


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The start of the New Year usually symbolises a fresh start for people, whether that involves having new resolutions or wanting to achieve something that you didn’t or couldn’t the previous year.

I know some of you are probably thinking “it’s February, why is she writing a post about the New Year”. Well lets put it like this: most people feel pressured into coming up with resolutions or life goals in December/January that they either set unrealistic goals or get caught up in the January madness that they are forgotten. But hey, this happens and there’s no reason to beat yourself up about it.

That’s why I tend think of January as a rehearsal and February is when you can relax and feeling more confident about starting your resolutions. So I’ve put together a few of my tips to stay focused and on top of your resolutions.


Planner, Diary, Organiser

If your like me and you prefer to write things down rather than always having them on your phone you’ll probably need a diary or notebook to keep on top of things and make lists. Whichever you prefer make sure you have one that will make you want to use it, whether it be brightly coloured, a day per page, a week over two pages or a simple handbag size notebook. Even if you don’t use them every day they are handy to have to write notes /ideas that you can come back to.

If you haven’t already bought a diary I would recommend Kate Spade or Paperchase simply because they offer a wide range to suit everyone’s preferences. For a good sized notebook I couldn’t recommend Chroma Stationary enough. They offer personalised notebooks in a variety of colours – what’s not to love?



I find that having a mood board helps to keep my creativity flowing, especially when I’m having writers block or I need something to kick start my motivation. Flicking through magazines is a great way to find inspiration for your personal style, photography and writing styles, or you may find something that is just inspiring and you don’t know how you can use it at that moment in time but you know that it will in the future.



Staying positive is a real struggle for me. I always look at the negative: what could happen or what people might think of me etc. This year I would love to put all that behind me, but to be completely honest that is a tad unrealistic, it’s a process. So what I plan to do is to do something positive everyday. Whether that is doing something that makes me feel good, like yoga, or thinking about something positive and motivational that puts me in a good head space.

Post cards, cards or quotes can be very inspirational and give you that little bit of ‘yes I can do this’ attitude.

visual mood board

Short & Long Term Goals

I’m a big believer in both short term and long term goals, but being realistic about them. I mean something like getting fit probably won’t take you a month or two, it’s a long term goal that you have to work on constantly. Where as something like aiming to drink an entire bottle of water everyday for a month is a short term goal that can be maintained.

A tip for achieving long term goals: write down a long term goal and write steps / shorter goals that will enable you to achieve the long term goal. This will help you reach your final goal and make it seem less daunting.

Let me know how your resolutions are coming a long or your tips for motivation.


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