Mini Winter to Spring Wishlist


Is it spring yet?!

I don’t know what it’s like where you live but here in the UK it seems to be switching between chilly, to warm and sunny, to grey, frosty and so windy I feel like I might fly away.

Make up your mind already!!!

With that in mind I haven’t been in full spring mode, but I have been coveting some new season pieces / colours.


So here is my in-between season mini wishlist. Nothing fancy – i’m all about comfort and getting basics that either make an outfit pop or a piece that updates for the new season.

I also added a sneaky homeware piece because why not?



(L – R)

Row 1:

Puma Boyfriend Sweater

H&M A-line Skirt

Adidas Stan Smith Trainers

Row 2:

River Island Tassle Heeled Sandals

H&M Parka

Topshop Double Strap Cami

Row 3:

Adidas Stan Smith Trainers

Topshop Plunge Neck Cami

Puma Boyfriend Sweater


Row 4:

Topshop Brushed Sweater

Urban Outfitters Terrarium

I’m still new to creating collages so if anyone has and tips or websites they would recommend please comment down below 🙂


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