Easter Treats: Mini Egg Nest Cupcakes


Stuck for ideas this Easter? I’ve got you covered.

Over the years I found that I don’t usually buy Easter eggs, unless you count mini eggs and chocolate eggs that are used for Easter egg hunts because why not, they’re just so cute and colourful. Instead I tend to make cupcakes, but not just any cupcakes.

I haven’t named them officially but they usually get called ‘mini egg nest cupcakes’. They can be considered a bit decadent however they are so easy to make (not kidding). Plus Easter only happens once a year.

 All you need to make these beauties is your favourite cupcake recipe – I use a vanilla recipe as the rice crispy treats provide a chocolatey element.

While your cupcakes are baking start to make your rice crispy treats. This way they have time to set before adding them for the final decoration. I will not go into how to make rice crispy treats as most people know how, however the only thing you have to remember is they need to be small enough to sit on top of the cupcakes and they need a dip in the middle so the mini eggs can sit comfortably inside (and look like eggs in a nest).


After you’ve put your nests in the fridge to set make your chosen icing and add a food colouring of your choice – I tend to use green or another pastel colour as this always reminds me of spring.

After your rice crispy treats have set add them onto your iced cupcakes and voila! you have mini egg nest cupcakes!



Now if you don’t mind I’m going to indulge on a cupcake or two… 🙂

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!



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