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Benefit Cheekathon Palette

I have been looking forward to the release of this palette for months, with such great value and a combination of amazing products what’s not to love?

I first heard about this palette when it was a special release in America, but thankfully Benefit brought it over to the UK *does a little dance*. I’m not sure if it is a limited release, it does not appear to be advertised as such, but it is already a hot item and is flying off the shelves.

This palette contains 5 full size products, a bronzer that needs no introduction – Hoola, and four blushers: Dandelion, Rockateur, Dallas and Coralista. Retailing for £44.50  with a total value of £117.50 (the blushers and bronzer are £23.50 each) – YES you read that correctly! This is definitely something you need to consider purchasing if you love make up or even if you are a beginner it is a worthwhile investment.



A light pale pink blush with a mild shimmer that puts a spark back into your complexion, perfect for an everyday look. This blush can be built up to have a more rosy appearance or just a hint of colour.



One of the most well known matte bronzers that will give you a natural looking tan. As well as being a great bronzer that gives you a sun kissed glow it is wonderful as a contouring powder, especially for those who have a fair complexion.



This blusher is more of a dusky deeper pink compared to dandelion with more shimmer making it rose gold in colour. Due to the shimmer I find that this would be better (for me at least) in summer or when I have a tan.



Nowadays this product seems to be hard to get hold of compared to the rest of them, which is a shame as it has a unique colour. A combination of a blusher with a fine gold shimmer and bronzer this would suit every skin tone and any occasion.



A gorgeous coral blusher that has a pearlescent glow. I’ve never been a fan of coral blushers before but this one is wonderfully light and does not make me look orange – which I’ve noticed can occur as i’m quite pale. Additionally this can be used as a highlighter due to its pearly glow.

In the UK you can only purchase this on Benefit’s website or House of Fraser, in store and online, but I would hurry as I can no longer find the link to it on the House of Fraser website!

Go treat yourself, you deserve it!



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