My Evening Skincare Routine


evening skincare routine

Yes we’re back to skincare. This time it is all about my evening routine.

Expanding on my morning skincare routine (winter edition), my evening routine doesn’t change much during the seasons, although perhaps I should change it up. I use the same cleanser, toner and eye cream in the evening as I find these are the best for my skin and the eye cream is very hydrating.

Even though I have four products here I only use three in the evening, let me explain. I alternate between Sarah Chapman’s Overnight Facial and the Body Shop’s Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil and mix a couple of drops of whichever one I am using with Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil. You don’t have to do this but I find that it works for my skin, adding more hydration and my skin  feels softer.

I also tend to use a night time moisturiser, but I’ve been trying out a fair few and none of them seem to be ‘the one’, so if you have any recommendations please let me know.

Now let’s get into more information on all of these products:


Sarah Chapman – Skinesis Overnight Facial

Sarah Chapman products are well known for their high potency anti-ageing serum-oil. The Skinesis range has expanded and has many amazing products from a cleanser to eye cream and serum oil morning and evening products. I only have the Overnight Facial because I do not think the morning version would work well for my skin as I have an oily T-zone, but for dry skin I have heard it works very well.

After mixing a couple of drops of this with the Sunday Riley Luna oil I gently massage them into my skin and pat my skin so both the mix gets absorbed. In the morning my skin is left feeling hydrated and fresh.


Body Shop – Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil

Similarly with Sarah Chapman’s Overnight Facial I only add a couple of drops to the Sunday Riley Luna oil. I find that this serum-in-oil sinks into my skin very quickly in comparison. In the morning skin looks radiant and like it has had eight hours of sleep.


Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil

You may have heard of this product from all the reviews and hype in magazines, YouTube and pretty much every Tom, Dick and Harry, but honestly it is worth it. It is quite a pricy skincare product but it will last you a very long time as you only need 3 drops.

To give you a quick run down it is a retinol product that visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, corrects sun damage, and many other wonderful things. The one thing that makes it stand out is that fact that is blue due to the ingredient blue tansy, which is an anti-inflammatory. However you don’t need to worry about it making you look like a smurf; after you gently massage and gently pat it into your skin the colour disappears.


Dermalogica Clear Start Overnight Treatment
This is one of my holy grail products that has really helped my skin and I could not recommend it enough if you are prone to breakouts. It contains salicylic acid that helps congested skin and fights breakouts while also reducing redness.

Having used this for almost a year I have noticed that with continual use I’ve had fewer breakouts, and if I have a breakout they are not as bad as before, and usually go away quicker then without using this product.

The best part? It’s only £13 and you only need a pea size amount so it lasts for ages!


If you liked this then check out my morning routine here.


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