Underrated Accessory: The Scarf


underrated accessory: scarves

I could mention that I have a scarf addiction, but I suppose that’s quite evident with the amount of scarves in the photo, or should I say: the rest of them that could not fit into the photo! Without sounding like i’m at an SA meeting (Scarves Anonymous) I cannot help but buy scarves, they are one of the most versatile accessories and in my opinion the most underrated.

Scarves are not just an accessory to wrap around your neck when it’s cold or use as a throw, there are a variety of styles, fabrics and sizes. But for the purpose of this post I will be focusing on smaller scarves with silky / thinner fabrics.

You may have noticed recently in the hoards of fashion magazine, instagrams or blogs that headscarves, bandanas, neck scarves, neck ties whatever you want to call them are seemingly on trend; and a way to change up an outfit.

A scarf can be used as an accessory for any outfit, whether your going for a casual look or something that’s more put together. Adding a head scarf with your basic t-shirt and jeans can add a fun pop of colour, even if you’ve had to rush and throw on your well loved basic grey tee and ripped jeans. On the other hand using a small scarf /bandana as a neck tie can make your outfit look more chic.

Another reason to love scarves: maybe your having a day where your hair isn’t doing what you want it to and instead of just putting our hair up in a messy bun you add a headscarf because you were meaning to do that all along, obviously (shhh, it’ll be our secret).

However a scarf doesn’t have to be worn around your neck or head to make a statement. A small scarf can be used like a bracelet / cuff. All you need to do is wrap it round your wrist multiple times until all that is left is a short section to tie it up.

Additionally scarves make a great add-on to a handbag. You may have your favourite black bag that you want to jazz up, adding a colourful or printed scarf gives it a new look.

Another accessory that can make a statement for any outfit is shoes. Although I do love wearing converse I do wear other shoes, promise. My top 5 shoes for spring is proof of it!


If you need some casual outfit inspiration why not check out my fashion section.

underrated accessory: scarves


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