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Whenever I think of brunch I either think of egg dishes or sweet treats like pancakes or waffles. With this in mind I wanted to try something different for this weeks Brunch Edit, and here it is: the Mexican Burrito Bowl.

This is definitely not your typical brunch idea, but if salads are on brunch menus, why can’t this burrito bowl?

The thing I love about this is that you can make this for yourself or have people over and create a ‘make your own’ burrito bowl spread on your dining table (or in my case my coffee table that is basically the size of an average doing table haha)!

 What you will need:

Rice (I used brown but white is perfectly fine)



Red onion

Black beans (preferably ones that are canned/boxed in water)

Peppers / avocado / anything else you would like to add


What to do:

1. Cook your rice. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to cook it on the hob or use a microwaveable packet, it is entirely up to you. However if you microwave it you might want to do steps 2 – 4 before putting it on.

2. Tear off a few lettuce leaves and slice them into strips. Whilst your using the chopping board finely chop your red onion (if your making it for yourself you will only need to use half), and finely dice your tomatoes.

3. If you decide you want to add peppers / avocado / anything else you fancy, chop these up into bite size pieces and put to one side, or in separate dishes if you are creating a brunch buffet.

4. Pour the black beans into a pan with their juices and place it onto the hob (again if you are making this for yourself you only need half of the amount). You might need to check the cooking instructions on the can/box, but I think it is usually about 5 minutes on the hob on a medium heat – do not boil them as they will lose flavour.

5. While your beans are cooking, make up your bowl (unless you are serving the ingredients in separate bowls for your guests to help themselves). Add some rice as your base, on top add a generous amount of lettuce, then sprinkle your desired amount of tomatoes and red onion. By this time your beans should be cooked so now it is time to drain them. Afterwards add the beans to your bowl and add anything else you wish – I chose an orange pepper to add more colour.

 6. Finally chop or tear some coriander to garnish.

And there you have it! Your Mexican burrito bowl is ready to be devoured.


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