Porridge | The Brunch Edit


Porridge | The Brunch Edit

This used to be my standard winter breakfast, however over the last couple of years it has become a favourite to have during any season.

Packed full of oats (obviously) this breakfast / brunch option is great to keep you full all morning, or a great way to start your day before going to the gym.

I’ve always seen porridge as a blank canvas, you can add anything you fancy to it during cooking it or after you make it to make it your own personal speciality. I’m pretty sure most of us already know how to make porridge so I won’t bore you with that, but which ever why you prefer: with milk / a dairy free option or with water, make it how you like it. Here are some ideas to liven up or give you other options to make your porridge even tastier:


– Drizzle some honey – why not draw an animal out of honey?

– Add a spoonful of peanut butter or jam.

– Fruit – bananas and berries are the best in my opinion. Why not try adding some berries whilst your cooking it.

– Nuts.

– A sprinkle of salt – just like popcorn, some people like sweet and others salty.

– Prunes.


To be honest those last two are not my personal choices. My grandad used to add either salt or prunes to his porridge and always said they were great and encouraged me to try it… I’ve never tried either, but I’m sure someone with like them!

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Porridge | The Brunch Edit


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