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I’ve never been a fan of sandwiches. I won’t bore you with why, I just don’t. However when I went to Bath a few years ago I stumbled across a little cafe that had one vegetarian, non-dairy option and it was a little something like this.

It’s nothing new, but I have never seen it anywhere else. A grilled vegetable houmous sandwich is definitely pretty simple, but to me is underrated. Firstly it’s tasty, and secondly it is filling without the feeling of being too full.

Side note:  Is it humous, hummus or houmous? Whenever I spell it someone always says it’s spelt differently, so for the purpose of this post I will be using ‘houmous’ as that’s the spelling on the pot of houmous I have next to me.

What you need:

– Preferred bread (I used ciabatta)

– Houmous (I used the smoky jalapeño humous from Sainsbury’s)

– Mushrooms (portobello work better, but I used chestnut)

– Peppers

– Courgette

– Tomatoes


All you need to do is firstly grill all your vegetables. Whilst they are cooking lightly toast your bread – I prefer doing this in the oven on a low heat for a few minutes and then spread the humous on both pieces. When your vegetables are grilled place them onto your bread and enjoy are one big sandwich or two open sandwiches.

Another thing that’s great about it is that it can be enjoyed at home or have on the go.

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