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Wouldn’t it be lovely to make yourself breakfast (or brunch) without having to do hardly any washing up? Well your wish is my command, welcome the melon bowl!

The melon breakfast bowl is a good switch up from my usual yogurt and granola in the mornings, and definitely prettier!

Whenever I cut up a melon I usually end up with it’s juices everywhere, the chopping board, over my hands and probably over the entire kitchen surface. So when I was browsing Pinterest trying to get inspiration of how to incorporate a melon into a breakfast idea I came upon the melon breakfast bowl, in addition to melon fruit bowls – definitely something worth considering for a summer BBQ! Although it appears that season has passed us in the UK, but I’ll keep that idea for next year.

Not only are melon bowls healthy they are super simple. All that is required is for you to halve a melon and scoop out the pips. Next add your favourite yogurt – this could be Greek yogurt, dairy free, or even an acai smoothie, whatever takes your fancy. The final step is to sprinkle your favourite fruit and granola on top. Of course I chose strawberries and blueberries because I rarely eat any other fruit haha!


What could be more simple?

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