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everyday jewellery

Let me first address the elephant in the room, I am not a hand model. There I said it. Plus I have no idea how to pose my hands to make them look better, but I’m sure you won’t judge me.

My everyday jewellery is focused on my rings as I wear them pretty much all the time, whereas necklaces and bracelets I only wear occasionally. I’ve very selective about what rings I buy, and most of my collection have stories behind them, or they remind me of thing/someone.

Let’s start with the oldest, the thumb ring. This is the Tiffany & Co 1837 band that I bought while I was in America many many years ago. I was looking for a fairly plain thumb ring that had an edge to it – or maybe I was trying to rock a rock n roll vibe, who knows. I love the fact that this ring isn’t straight, the band is actually curved inwards to give it more dimension and adds a sort of sculpted look to the thumb. Although you can’t really see this from the photo!


The most recognisable ring is probably the Monica Vinader Riva ring on my index finger. Everyone seems to have this ring. I cannot go anywhere in London without seeing someone wear this ring, and let’s be honest it’s a gorgeous and simple ring that adds a touch of elegance to your style.


My newest ring to my collection is the Evil Eye ring from Mejuri. There’s actually a story behind why I bought this, but I’ll try to keep it short (famous last words!). I visited to Turkey as a child and I remember loving it for so many different reasons, but the one thing I remember is the jewellery – I started early haha! My mum bought a few items and one of them was an evil eye bracelet that had the most gorgeous shade of blue for the eyes and the gold of the bracelet made them pop. So ever since then I wanted something that reminded me of Turkey, my mum and travelling as a kid, and low and behold Mejuri came out with this beauty. How could I resist?

This ring is part of Mejuri’s chain series which, I admit, I was concerned at first that it would be uncomfortable to wear, but in all honesty I don’t feel it at all. Plus the size guide on the website makes it so easy for you to pick your perfect size.

everyday jewellery

On my left hand I have only ever worn rings on two of my fingers, no idea why, but I feel like this hand only suits this many… or maybe I’m crazy.

On my index finger is this silver criss X cross ring I picked up while I was in Orlando Florida. There is a great silver jewellery store in Downtown Disney (now known as Disney Springs) called Something Silver. They have tons upon tons of jewellery, including boutique jewellery designers from all over the world.

And finally, my ring finger. I wear two rings – as you may have guessed I am married – I still find this weird to say because it doesn’t (to me) feel any different to having a boyfriend. But I digress.

My engagement ring is not what you would expect an engagement ring to look like. There are no diamonds, nothing big or flashy. Just a simple Japanese blue pearl. I love this ring more than anything because of its simplicity and delicateness.

Unfortunately I cannot provide a link for this as mine was customised.

My wedding band is from a collection at Tiffany & Co by Elsa Peretti and I absolutely love it. I looked for a while to find a ring that had a curve in it to fit my engagement ring but nothing came up at the time. I didn’t want something over the top or filled with any stones as I thought it would take away from the blue pearl, so when I finally found this one I was over the moon. I went straight to London to try it on and it was a perfect fit.

Have you found any interesting rings? Why not share them with me in the comments, I can never have too many rings in my collection!




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  1. June 30, 2020 / 7:44 am

    Those are all such pretty rings! totally loved it

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