My Long Haul Flight Travel Essentials



As your reading this I am currently flying to Tokyo! I’ll try to refrain from getting too excited… who am I kidding, I’m probably trying not to dance in my seat!

I don’t know about you, but unlike with my short haul flight essentials I need more things in my hand luggage to keep me entertained. I get bored so easily and unless I have a variety of options for things to do I will literally be like a child squirming in my seat.

My flight to Tokyo takes roughly 12 hours. Yes, really! So you’ll understand if this seems excessive. Now enough of me blabbing away, let’s get into it.

I’ll spare you the obvious: passport, phone, purse etc – I’m pretty sure you already know that you’ll need to bring these.



Sorry for the pretty obvious but we all need water to stay hydrated, especially on a flight. Yes it’ll make you want to pee more than you want to, but you’ll feel better for it and so will your skin.


Sweets & Snacks

Sweets or gum always help when taking off and landing as it helps your ears to pop – I hate it when they don’t and you have that feeling like cotton wool stuffed in my ears.

As for snacks, this depends on how long the flight is. For a very long flight I usually buy food at the airport as plane food is (normally) disgusting. Need I say more?



For this flight I chose to wear boyfriend jeans and a comfy top, but in my hand luggage I have some joggers from Brandy Melville that I will change into either before boarding the plane or after taking off. There’s nothing worse than wearing jeans on a long haul flight, and seen as it’s an overnight flight I’ll want to stay comfy. Or if your really feeling groovy bring your pyjamas with you! Hey, you’re probably not the only person who will.



As I’ve said before, even on short haul flights, I bring my laptop everywhere with me. For work, for entertainment it’s glued to me.


So you don’t disturb anyone else and so you can drown out other noises… no crying children for me on this flight thank you.


Notebook and pens
A notebook and pen are must haves in my bag. Even if it’s to fill out a landing card or for jotting down ideas.


I never wear any makeup on flights. Partly because I don’t see the point – I mean everyone looks a little disheveled unless you do an outfit change and full skincare and makeup routine in the last hour of your flight or in the toilets before you exit the airport.

However, skincare is important, and although I don’t do my full on routine I do take certain products to help. Usually these consist of an eye cream, moisturiser, spot gel and my trusty Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (side note: why is it called a ‘cream’ when it’s more like a gel? Anyone?). This product is AMAZING. No, literally. I use it as a lip balm or to sooth dry patches, which are a common occurrence when your flying.

Skincare is very personal. You might feel as though you need your entire routine to feel good when you fly, you might only need a product or two, or you might need nothing at all. Whatever works for you.

Anti-bacterial gel
I carry this everywhere with me and I usually have some in most of my hand bags. Planes are like (sorry to put it like this but…) a tin can that welcomes germs to rome around. You’re with lots of other people, some of which might have colds, and you’re stuck with them for quite a number of hours… it’s good to have this handy.


Some people can just watch the movies provided by the plane, others sleep for the entire journey (I salute you if you are one of these people!) or some can read a book cover to cover. I however need multiple options of what I can do. I usually watch some movies, have my 3DS with me to play Pokemon or Mario, but another great idea is to download podcasts on your iPhone. They’re a great way to pass the time and you can listen to one while flicking through a magazine.


Fluffy socks & scarf
I get so cold when I’m on a plane that bringing a big scarf with me is a necessity. It doesn’t matter if it’s Summer or Winter, I’ll be bringing a scarf. Plus if your on a shorter flight your scarf can act a blanket if you want to have a little snooze.

Fluffy socks. Again it’s because I get cold, but I also find that I relax more when I wear them. Perhaps it’s a psychological thing where cosy socks makes me feel at home. Whatever the reason, they are a great long haul flight essential.

Got any suggestions of your own? Let me know by commenting below!





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