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Shimokitazawa Tokyo Japan

Before going to Tokyo I did a lot of research about the best places to go to find some of the best vintage stores. One place that was constantly high ranking was Shimokitazawa. I had never been to, let alone heard of, this place so I was excited to explore and share my finds with you.

As I’m writing this I was going to incorporate vintage stores in Shimokitazawa and Harajuku, but then I realised that that would be a mammoth task, and an extremely long post that would probably take you a good half an hour to read. So I’ve decided to split it up into two sections. Stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.

Now let’s dive straight in.

top vintage stores in Tokyo Japan


By far my favourite of all the stores I went to. So much so that my purse buried itself at the bottom of my bag crying with over use. Sorry purse!

Flamingo is smaller than most stores in this post, but boy is it mighty, and unmissable with neon flamingos outside. What’s not to love?

 It has a great range of men’s and women’s vintage clothing and accessories (shoes, hats, jewellery, and more) from the 40’s to the 90’s. Making there something for everyone.

Another thing I love about this store is that one of the sweaters I bought used vintage material to remake a vintage sweater. So technically you’d call it vintage inspired, as it’s a copy of an actual vintage piece, but using vintage material, to me anyway, gives it more authenticity.

If you’d like me to do a blog post on my vintage clothing haul then leave me a comment below.

top vintage stores in Tokyo Japan

top vintage stores in Tokyo Japan


If your interested in military clothing and staple vintage pieces then Big Time is your store.

Covering two floors, this store has an excellent range of men and women’s vintage clothing and accessories, although clothing was more prominent when I went. It has your vintage staples: sweaters, tees, jerseys, but also a fair amount of military clothing.

When I was looking into what vintage stores to visit in Shimokitazawa I heard that this store was top notch for military apparel. Sadly there were no pieces that screamed ‘buy me!’. Such is life when you go vintage hunting, every day is different with new deliveries coming in. However I did find an awesome American Sheriffs jacket that was quite tempting.

top vintage stores in Tokyo Japan

top vintage stores in Tokyo Japan


Who knew Florida was in Japan?! Hahaha… ok that was a bad joke… Let’s move on.

Honestly I didn’t spend too much time in this store, not because I did’t like it, but because I started to get hangry, and when that happens I can only focus on food. But what I can tell you is that I found this store to be a weird mix of second hand and contemporary clothing, rather than a vintage store. Nevertheless it was very interesting to go in. Plus the outfits hanging outside were pretty cool.

top vintage stores in Tokyo Japantop vintage stores in Tokyo Japan


I’m finding it a little hard how to explain this place, but I’ll try my best. It’s kind of like a big garage-type building that houses many boutiques: second hand, vintage and individual sellers. With a wide variety of products, but very heavy on men and women’s apparel ranging from the 40’s to contemporary.

There’s also a really awesome section with a ton of band tees, from Nirvana, The Beatles, David Bowie, Sex Pistols and many many more. Definitely a place to visit if you love a good band tee. Additionally, if your looking for a lot of colour, this is the place to go. After visiting many stores this had the most colourful collection in the area.

Just to note: you’ll need to weave your way through the different sections to make sure you see everything, but you’ll be sure to find something that catches your eye.
top vintage stores in Tokyo Japan
I hope this has been helpful for all you vintage lovers travelling to Tokyo, or even if you’re travelling to Tokyo looking for somewhere trendy, different and not too touristy to visit.

There are bound to be stores I’ve missed, so I will probably be updating this post when I’ve sorted out all my photos from my trip – this could take a while seen as I swear I took somewhere along the lines of 10,000! Sadly, that isn’t a big exaggeration… Pray for me!


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