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Waking up and feeling motivated in the mornings, especially in winter, can feel tough and the thought of leaving your bed and the warm duvet (and probably a hot water bottle too) is unthinkable. But alas, it has to be done. Here are some of my tired and tested top morning hacks that make me have that ‘get up and go’ motivation on the cold winter mornings.

1.    A Lumi light. Although they can be pretty expensive they are great for SAD sufferers or anyone who finds it difficult to wake up when it’s still dark outside. It gradually gets lighter so it’s a like being woken naturally by sunlight. Alternatively you could use a bedside lamp – or if your like me and you don’t have a bedside light use your phone. The only draw back is you might act like a vampire when the light is too bright, but it does help to wake you up.

2.    Heating. If your radiators come on in the morning great, if not run to turn them on for an hour and place the top and underwear you’re planning to wear on it so that your clothing gets warm while you jump into the shower. Having a shower in the morning tends to wake me up straight away and gets you warm. Plus with the heating on your room/home starts to get warm too. Then when you get dressed most of your clothes are warm, which for some reason always relaxes me during winter and more willing to get on with things.

3.    Drink water shortly after waking up. Not only will it start to get you hydrated, it’s refreshing and helps, which naturally helps you to wake up. Tip: add a lemon slice to give you a zing of energy!

4.    Move your alarm. An oldie, but a goody, especially if having a light on doesn’t wake you up. Simply put, move your alarm further than you can reach from your bed. This way you are not tempted to hit that snooze button and you have to get up to switch it off. Just try not to crawl back into bed afterwards!

5.    On the weekend (or whenever you don’t go into work) don’t beat yourself up if you’re not up at exactly when you wanted to be. Sometimes (usually for me) winter messes up your normal routine, and it’s better to try and adapt to a slightly altered routine during this season then add pressure or stress to yourself to stick to your usual. This way you’re happier and focused to get on with what you want / need to do.


On  another note, why can’t it be socially acceptable to wear a duvet or blanket around you all day everyday? New trend anyone?


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  1. March 12, 2017 / 12:25 pm

    Moving my alarm was the best thing I have ever done. I used to always sleep through my alarms but now it's so much harder to do that because I put my alarm literally at the other end of my room!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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