Red Nose Day: Favourite Bake Sale Ideas


Red Nose Day Bake Sale Ideas vanilla cupcakes banana bread

With Red Nose Day just over a week away – Friday 24th March, I thought about dedicating a post about some of my favourite bake sale ideas to help those of you who may be organising a fundraising event.

If you have no idea what Red Nose Day is let me break it down for you: it is in association with the charity Comic Relief, it happens biannually and on alternate years it switches to Sport Relief. Both events are aiming to raise money so they can help vulnerable people in the UK and Africa. It is hugely televised and has raised over one billion pounds so far. WOW!

Anyone can be a part of Red Nose Day, you can buy a red nose or two at your local supermarket, which cost £1 and a majority of that money goes towards the charity, or you can donate via the website, or you can create a fundraising event such as bake sales, have a boot-sale for charity, be sponsored to do something like dye your hair red (or shave it off), or for those of you daring souls: why not be sponsored to go bungee jumping? Whatever it is make it fun!

Red Nose Day Bake Sale Ideas vanilla cupcakes banana bread

One of my favourite ways to raise money has always been bake sales. Yes I know, how old school of me! But it’s something that you can do with friends and family, and make a day out of it. Plus who doesn’t love baked goods?

A couple of my all time favourite go-to bake sale items are cupcakes and a loaf of some kind – maybe a fruit cake loaf, lemon drizzle loaf or banana bread. Or perhaps all three.

Cupcakes are probably the best easy option to make as they are already individually wrapped, which makes it easier to sell them. Plus you can decorate them however you like. You can even use some polka dot cupcake cakes to make it more Red Nose Day themed.

Baking a lemon drizzle loaf or banana bread is also very easy to make, plus they don’t require icing. You can sell them as a whole item or slice them up and wrap them in baking parchment to keep them as fresh as possible. If you want to be a little more fancy, why not add some red and white bakers twine around the parchment to give it a more elegant Red Nose Day touch.


Got fundraising plans? Let me know what they are in the comments below!

Why not tweet about what your doing for Red Nose Day by using #RedNoseDay.

Red Nose Day Bake Sale Ideas vanilla cupcakes banana bread



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