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Spring flowers, spring cleaning

I’ve always felt that spring is a very odd-ball season. It’s not winter anymore but not yet summer, which makes it perfect for a good ol’ spring clean.

Spring is usually associated with rebirth, new start, and dusting the cobwebs away – which is literally what I’m going to write about in this post. This post is a little long so why don’t you grab yourself a cup of tea and maybe a cheeky treat.


Where to start

Dust off your cleaning supplies, or get down to the supermarket and buy some. If you’re a newbie to cleaning, or simply want some tips here is a list of some of the things I would recommend to have in your cleaning cupboard:

– Gloves
– Anti-bacterial wipes
– Glass cleaner
– Bath cleaner
– Anti-bacterial surface spray for kitchen / bathroom
– Toilet cleaner and maybe a freshener
– Hoover and/or a floor cleaner for your type of flooring

Optional: A wood cleaner. Good old Mr Sheen never let’s me down for my coffee table and other wooden furnishings.

Of course you might not need all of these, it depends on if you have a multi-purpose product that does three things in one, and what material your furniture is. If in doubt google it or ask the place where you bought it.


Step by step


Start by going room to room and remove any items that are relating to winter (fluffy cosy blankets, decor etc) plus any left over Christmas decorations that may be lurking around, or in my case a couple of Christmas mugs.

Clean bed sheets. This isn’t just for spring, but whenever I change my bed and put fresh bed linen on I feel like all is right with the world. My bed looks automatically nicer and the feeling when you go to bed in fresh bed sheets is… just pure delight and comfort.

Depending on your home you may think about moving furniture around, and now is the perfect time. Moving furniture can change your prospective of how you view that room. Perhaps moving that side table to the corner of the room would look great with a plant on it instead of hiding it away by the sofa, or maybe the chair in your living room would actually go really nicely in your bed room to compliment your new bed linen. Whatever you want to do do it before you get knee deep into cleaning – you don’t want to have to hoover two or more times just because you’ve moved things around after doing all that work.

I don’t mind cleaning, but the one thing I hate above all else is dusting. That means all your book shelves, TV stand, fireplace etc. Don’t worry about your kitchen or bathroom yet, I’ll get to those in a minute. I find it to be the most annoying things that plagues me, even when I’ve cleaned something the day before it comes back just to spite me. But hey, it has to be done.

After moving furniture around and dusting your shelves you’ll probably want to hoover. Hoover everywhere – yes everywhere. Under the sofa (you probably have a hundred dust bunnies hiding there), behind your TV stand, move your bed (if you can), behind your cupboards and anywhere else you tend to leave until ‘next week’, which then never happens because you push it back again and again – we’ve all been there!

Spring flowers spring cleaning

Now on to the bathroom. Scrub your bath and/or shower, clean the mirror so you can actually see yourself, wipe down the surfaces, clean the toilet – everyone’s favourite job, and finally clean the floor, preferably with something anti-bacterial. And voila, your bath is white again!

Next, let’s move onto the kitchen. One thing I like to do every 4-6 months is to give the fridge and freezer a massive clean out. Tip: do these one at a time. I tried to be ‘clever’ at one point and do them simultaneously and the ice cream went all over the floor… oops.

Let’s start with the fridge. Start by taking everything out, check expiry dates and throw away anything that has expired or doesn’t look so fresh. After you’ve done this now is the time to fill up your sink with some warm-to-hot soapy water and bring out an anti-bacterial spray. Give the shelves and the main body of your fridge a good old clean (don’t forget the outside too). After it’s all dry, put everything back in. The same principle applies with the freezer, except you’ll have to defrost it rather than cleaning it with soapy water and anti-bacterial spray.

Next up is something that most of us usually only do once a year… the re-organisation / deep clean of your kitchen. That means the shelves, cupboards, appliances, you name it it all gets a good clean. One thing that so many people forget to do is descaling the kettle. Do you see white stuff floating at the bottom of your kettle, or maybe it’s around the edge of the lid? Then it’s time for a descale.

After your kitchen is sparkling clean there’s one more thing to add: fresh food. There’s nothing like a cleaned fridge full of fresh colourful seasonal groceries. Plus this will inspire you to get your cook on!

The final step in your spring cleaning is to sort out those things that you’ve been putting off. Whether it be your cleaning out your wardrobe, or maybe there’s a box that you haven’t opened since you moved in to your home over a year ago – guilty here! Or perhaps it’s time to declutter your makeup collection.

Tip: create four piles (or use bags / boxes to make it easier) labelled: keep, rubbish, donate, unsure. This way it’s easy to see what should go in which pile, and if you have anything in your ‘unsure’ pile you can go back to it and decide if it should go or not, or if you’re still unsure set yourself a challenge, e.g.: if I don’t wear this top within one month I’ll donate it. That way your not being too ruthless you’re being practical for yourself. If you’re the type of person to forget about the challenges you’ve set then put a reminder on your phone or calendar.


Bring spring to your home


When spring comes around I automatically go out and buy some lovely fresh flowers. There’s nothing like having some tulips or daffodils brightening up your living room or dining area. Or if you’re not a fresh flower person, there are some great fake flowers around (I have some from Next and Ikea).

Even though it’s spring and a lot warmer now there is still a coolness from winter, so perhaps having a blanket on the sofa is a good idea for the evenings. A pastel colour or brightly coloured light weight  one would be the perfect accessory for your sofa. Psst: H&M and Primark have some really cute ones.


Got any spring tips of your own?

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  1. April 6, 2017 / 4:35 pm

    I love this post! I actually really enjoy Spring cleaning and definitely going to use these tips. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    • April 11, 2017 / 1:42 pm

      Your not alone about loving a good ol' spring clean. It seems to make your home new again – or is that just me? haha

    • April 17, 2017 / 2:36 pm

      Oh wow that's awesome, I'll definitely be taking a look at that. Our posts go hand in hand then haha! x

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