Never Out of Style: Slogan Tees


Slogan tees have become a real fashion statement recently, and I think it’s fair to say that they’re here to stay…for this season at least.

To me, slogan tees are part of my everyday outfit. I’d go as far and say that four days of the week I’m in a slogan tee. Why you might ask? Aside from being comfortable – I’m all about that comfy clothing life – I feel as though slogan tees give your outfit an effortless edge to it. Imagine someone simply wearing jeans, their go-to favourite shoes and a slogan tee. You’ll probably think that that person made a conscious decision to wear that top, unless of course they’re walking around with bed head hair – then you definitely know they crawled out of bed and pulled a tee off a hanger… or floor…and got ready in two minutes… but hey, apart form that it makes a put-together outfit.


How I Style Slogan Tees:

Here are four ways I would style a slogan tee:

1. A casual way to wear one would be to pair it with your favourite jeans – there’s nothing wrong with a good ol’ jeans and tee look. Plus you can either keep it casual and pair the outfit with some Converse or Vans, or maybe you fancy smartening it up a little by adding ankles boots.

2. Feeling the summer vibes? Instead of wearing jeans, why not wear a denim skirt with your slogan tee – this way you’re keeping it casual, but all adding a cute summer twist. Ok, it’s not really a twist, but in the UK is always a miracle when you can get your legs out and not feel cold — am I right?!

3. Ever wanted to wear a slogan tee but still appear smart, or maybe I should use the word ‘polished’ instead… Why not try a pair of smart trousers with a slogan tee tucked in, adding a belt depends on the tee I think, but it could be a great addition, and finally, a blazer over the top. You can pick whatever colours you fancy, but this ensumble usually gives off a ‘smarter’ vibe — blazers takes everything a notch up.

4. Edgy: if you’re a jeans hoarder like me you probably own a variety of jeans: skinny, slim, boyfriend / girlfriend, ripped, mom jeans… which ever makes you feel like a rock star go with those. I would probably go with my favourite black pair with however many rips in them — cue the “what happened to your jeans?” comments from your parents and grandparents…

Next up is picking out your favourite, or day-inspired slogan tee – probably best if it’s loosely tucked in to give that effortless-but-put-together look, a statement belt and of course the final item… you’ve probably guessed it…a leather jacket.


Do you have any favourite ways you love wearing your slogan tees?



  1. June 8, 2017 / 7:33 am

    Where's the Brunch Club tee in your pic from? Need that in my life!

  2. thosestarsthatshine
    January 20, 2018 / 7:14 pm

    Black jeans and converse always look good with Slogan tees – or even a really nice pair of Docs

    Sarah ||

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