6 Tips & Tricks For A Less Stressful Move Pt.1


6 Tips & Tricks For A Less Stressful Move

If you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably already heard that I have moved. I had planned to have content scheduled for before, during and after the move, but as luck would have it I got a beast of a cold that wouldn’t let me keep two thoughts in my head, and it lasted for the entire week before moving day… which, as you can imagine, made things very interesting for packing. So, sorry for the serious lack of content over the past few weeks.

But hey, I’m back and I have sooooo much to write about. I’ll pre-warn you now, moving makes for some great content ideas. So expect a few posts about moving over the next few weeks. Also, for anyone wondering, my post schedule is now: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. So make sure you keep coming back ☺︎


Having moved home three times in the past two and a half years I’ve developed my own way of becoming less stressed about packing up my life and moving it across country, and thought I’d share my 6 tips and tricks for a less stressful move:


1. Have a plan. Try and figure out what will go where in your new place and pack accordingly – that way there is no panic that you’ve lost something. There are many ways of doing this, some people like to write on box the contents and location the box should go (if you do this make sure you write this on the sides of the box and the top – this way whomever is carrying the box knows where it needs to go). Or if like me you have a single floor apartment it’s easier to have the boxes in one room but divided up, e.g. ‘kitchen’ boxes are grouped together, ‘dvds’ are in a different area grouped together, and so on. It makes unpacking a lot easier.


2. Order a food delivery to arrive the evening you move in. I did this, but didn’t time manage very well and thought a delivery for 3-4pm was a good idea… it wasn’t. I ended up stressing on the drive to my new town about missing the Tesco delivery man! TO be fair, it’s one of the minor stresses, but a girls got to have her food haha. So I’d definitely recommend saving yourself from the unnecessary stress and waiting until the evening for your order to be delivered.


3. Pack a box of essentials: kettle, mugs, tea / coffee, snacks, phone charger, a few days worth of clothes, shower gel and clean bed sheets – not only will you feel better in clean sheets, you’ll also sleep better in your new home. By having all these goodies in a box or whatever you prefer you won’t have to stress about having to find things on the day of the moving and the day, or two, after. Plus, you and whomever is helping you move might need a break, and it’s always nice to have the kettle and a nibble to hand.

4. Always have an empty box or two at the end of your packing – no matter how organised you are, there is always something that you’ll forget or look over until you do the final check of the place your leaving.


5. …which brings me on to my next and probably one of the most obvious but people still forget: check every room, every cupboard, every drawer to make sure you haven’t left anything behind. Yes, that even means checking under the kitchen sink.


6. Finally, this one is personal preference: I’d highly recommend hiring movers. Every experience I’ve had with professional movers is that they know their stuff, and they made me (almost) stress-free on the day of moving. I can’t say I was completely stress-free because let’s be honest, is anyone when they’re moving?


Do you have any tips or tricks you’ve used for a less stressful move?


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