8 Things To Do When You’ve Moved


So, you’ve moved house, what’s next?

Moving can be stressful – obvious statement of the century I know, but moving to a different part of the country – or maybe even to a completely different country can be even more stressful and terrifying at times. And you’ll probably be more focused on getting there, than what happens afterwards. With that in mind I wrote a list of 8 things you need to do after you’ve moved to make it a little easier for you.

Or perhaps some of you are very organised and are already thinking about what you need to find before you’ve moved. Whichever it is I hope this list will help.

1. Make sure you’ve sorted out all the bills. Yes I’m starting with the most boring, yet important one of them all. Whether you’re renting or buying a property you need to contact you’re new council and set up your new council tax, as well as all other household bills (home insurance, water, electric, sewage, gas…). And if you haven’t already, close the ones you had at your previous home.

2. Find your local doctors and register. This should be one of the first things you do – although truth be told I still haven’t done this and I moved in almost a month ago…oops.

3. Don’t forget to find a dentist and opticians too!

4. Your amenities: drugstore, bank, hair dressers, and so on. Everything that you might need day-to-day.

5. Local supermarkets. Finding your local grocery store will help you to start settling in – as well as meaning you can eat! If you’re local store is small make sure you look for other larger supermarkets when you’re more settled. It’s always handy to know where your nearest superstore is incase you can’t find what you’re looking for in your local one.

6. If you’re into fitness make sure you locate your nearest gym, yoga studio, kick boxing class, or whatever you like to do. Finding this in your new area will help it to start to feel like home and get you into a routine quicker.

7. Find a local go-to cafe. Whether you’re someone you like to pop in for a quick coffee, or perhaps you like to go to a coffee shop to work for a few hours, find one that suits you. Again, this will make the transition that bit easier.

8. Look up things to do / see in surrounding areas. This way you can see more of the area and plan day trips out to break up the process of unpacking and dismantling boxes.


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