Why It’s Great To Be A Morning Person



These days it seems as though we don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything we want, whether that’s because we love to be constantly doing things, or perhaps it’s just part of adulting, who knows. One thing is for certain though, being a morning person has helped me to achieve so much more and makes me feel great during the entire day, which is why I decided to write this post on reasons why I think you should utilise your mornings. Let’s do this!


1. You’re much more productive. When you wake up – even if you feel groggy at first, jump straight into the shower or perhaps you need a coffee before hand, you start to feel wake and ready to get going. You could even get a cheeky workout in. This way you get loads more done in the morning than you would do from waking up mid-morning and feeling like the day has passed you by.


2. Getting up earlier means you don’t feel rushed. Just like getting up early means you can be more pro-active, it also means you don’t have to feel as though you need to check the clock every 2 minutes to make sure you’re on schedule. I’ve always hated the feeling of getting up later then I wished and feeling like I didn’t have enough time to take a relaxing shower, spend more time picking out what to wear etc. It even means you can catch up on emails, the news, or take bath instead of a shower (hello pamper morning!). As an added bonus you’ll have more time to get to where you need to be.


3. You’ll have more energy. This one is a bit hit and miss, especially for those of us who live in England, the land of the not-so-sunny summers, but occasionally we’re pleasantly surprised and the sun comes out giving us a healthy dose of vitamin D. Waking up to sunshine will literally give you a hit of energy and help to wake you up. Why not try leaving your curtains open so that you wake up by natural light.


4. There’s no excuse to skip on breakfast. Everyone says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s true. Getting up earlier means you have no excuse not to eat a good healthy and filling breakfast. This way you start your day off right and don’t settle for a quick and unfulfilling snack on your way to work.


5. After an adjustment period you’ll start to notice that you’re a happier. You’re probably reading this and thinking: “I’d be happier having a lie in” and yes in some cases this is true, but it’s better to wake up naturally and stay awake rather than forcing yourself to have a lie in, which usually results in you being more tired during the day. What’s more, when you’ve got use to being a morning person and getting more done than you would before, you’ll be a lot happier and definitely less stressed.

Have I convinced you to try and be a morning person? If you’re already a morning person, what do you like to do before work / school?


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If you have any suggests on posts you’d like me to do / see more of then make sure you leave me a comment below 🙂



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