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I am hands down a morning person. I prefer to do things early to get them over and done with, but that does mean that I’m usually in bed for 10pm… occasionally 9.30 if I’m particularly tired. Yes I’m twenty-something going on eighty and proud. Haha!

After writing about why it’s great to be a morning person (here) I thought I’d add a post on how to be a morning person for those of you who need a few helpful tips about how to become a morning person, and tips on how you can help yourself the evening before.

Evening Routine

Creating an evening routine will help you to do everything you need to do before the going to sleep, plus it can also help you out the next day. For example: if you prep your bag and outfit for the next day you’d end up saving yourself some time in the morning – or maybe it gives you an excuse to stay in bed for an extra 5 more minutes. My routine is pretty simple: get things ready for the next day, do my evening skincare, brush my teeth and then get into bed. Very glam I know.

Move Your Alarm

Like with what I said in my winter morning hacks post moving your alarm away from your bed will reduce the amount of times you hit the snooze button – we’ve all been there. It’s so tempting to say ‘just 5 more minutes’ which turns into 20 and then you’re running around trying to find where you left your right shoe, or in my case almost leaving the house with my slippers on. Slippers to work day anyone? Plus, if you have your alarm on the other side of your bedroom you’ll have to get out of bed to stop it which will also help to wake you up.

Morning Routine

Just like an evening routine, creating a morning routine will help your mornings go smoothly and you don’t feel rushed or like you’ve forgotten something. We’ve all had those moments where we’ve got on the train and suddenly realised “sh*t…I’ve left my lunch in get fridge”. Or more recently I forgot to do my morning skincare routine and went out the house with a lovely blob of the Mario Badescu drying lotion on my forehead… I’m so classy.

You can read my Mario Badescu drying lotion review here. 

Remove Screens

Reduce the amount of screen time you have when you are in your bedroom. This includes your phone, laptop, TV, and gaming console. I refuse to have a TV in my bedroom because the amount of screen time I have in a day is ridiculous, and although I love films (ex-film student here) I prefer watching them in a designated space – basically my living room which has the biggest tv in it, obviously. Besides, when you start to realise how much time you stare at a screen everyday it’s truly mind-blowing, and a tad bit scary which is why I like to reduce that amount before I go to bed. Fun fact: you usually get tired after 15-30mins after you last looked at a screen so why not try to read in bed or write a few thoughts of the day in a notebook.


Sleep revives you mentally and physically, so don’t skip out on those zzzz.

You need around 7-8 hours sleep, or so the experts say, but I’ve always found that I can have 3-4 hours sleep and be refresh to tackle the day ahead – albeit rarely, and usually when I’m about to go on holiday – so maybe that doesn’t count haha. Normally I need 7 hours to make me feel normal and less like a grouchy hag. On the other hand there is such a thing as oversleeping. Have you ever snoozed for 10+ hours and still felt like you could sleep for a week? Yep, that’s oversleeping for you.

In short try to get a good amount of sleep, but if you wake up earlier don’t try to fall back to sleep – this usually has the opposite effect and will make you more tired than before.

Natural Light

When I lived on the 6th floor I never closed my blinds because there weren’t any high building near me, which meant I could let the morning light wake me up naturally. That was a little bit of heaven, but then I moved and I’m now on the ground floor… so to attempt to give me the same – or should I say similar effect I either switch my bedroom light on or open the curtains of my bedroom to let the natural light pour in.

The act of actually having to get up and open your curtains (or switching on your bedroom light) will start to wake you up. Plus, natural light gives you that vital vitamin D.


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  1. October 13, 2017 / 11:41 am

    Oh man the Mario Badescu thing has happened to me too! Except for me it's happened at night if I'd had to quickly pop out of the house for a bit- it's so bad when you find it and you're just like oh shit! I'm not a massive morning person but I do have a morning routine that I love and try and stick to- it makes mornings much more bearable!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • October 18, 2017 / 7:20 am

      I just remember when I scared my postman with having a polka dot face – he asked if I was ill and if it was anything serious HAHA!

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