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Disney Springs, or Downtown Disney as it used to be known as, has had a massive expansion. It’s no longer just filled with Disney related stores (although there are still plenty of those), but there’s now a wide variety of clothing, beauty and homeware stores to please everyone.

Although, if I’m honest, I was very sceptical about the new ‘Disney Springs’ and how much it looked like a typical mall. However I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and calming it was – even when it got really busy.

This post is more like a photo guide of Disney Springs rather than something in-depth because otherwise you would be sat reading this for a good couple of hours. And let’s face it, know one has time for that. Of course I haven’t photographed every inch of Disney Springs because that would mean this post would have 148 photos – please don’t think that that’s a joke, my photo app is crying with how many photos I took during this trip. But these 30+ photos gives you a good guide with what to expect at Disney Springs.

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Goofy’s Candy Co is the best place to buy all your sweet treats: candy apples, chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, rice crispy treats, the works. If you love cookies then you need to try my all-time favourite, the chocolate chunk peanut butter cookie. It’s amazing!


Where in the world could have a Christmas store open all year round? Disney that’s who.

Baubles, cushions, stockings, a mug and plate for Santa… you name it, this store has all your Christmasy needs sorted.


 Micky’s Pantry is one of my favourite stores in Disney Springs, and is perfect for anyone who loves Disney, home / kitchenware, tea and spices. Be prepared to buy something… or half the store.



 Spot the squirrels enjoying the Rainforest Cafe sign. Haha.



If you’ve never hear of this chocolate store (and it’s also an ice cream parlour) then you need to. Not only does Ghirardelli do some of the BEST chocolates – hello pumpkin spice and peppermint bark! But you also get given a free – yes I said free – chocolate just for entering the store. Just don’t try to enter and exit every couple of minutes, they tend to catch on…


I don’t think I need to say much about this photo. It’s one of the entrances into the biggest Disney store in the world… enough said.







And yes, there is a Sephora in Disney Springs now. Beauty enthusiasts can splurge whilst parents/partners/siblings can shop, eat and watch a movie until you’re done. Perfect location? I think so!


D-Luxe is a must for anyone who loves burgers!


Disney-Springs-mall-Orlando-Florida.Disney-Springs-Sprinkles-ATM-cupcakes        ERIN-MCKENNA’S-BAKERY-NYC-Disney-Springs

Not only have you got Goofy’s Candy Co, but you also have Sprinkles with their famous and most Instagramed cupcake ATM, and Eric McKenna’s bakery to fill your sweet tooth needs.

Where are those stretchy pants at?





Have you ever wanted to go in a hot air balloon but a bit scared too? Then Disney has the thing for you. The Aerophile gives you a safe and enjoyable experience to take in the views.

You’ll notice that the balloon is not only enclosed – which is great so that kids of all ages can go on it safely, but there is also a wire that keeps it attached to the landing platform, so you don’t need to worry about the balloon being blown about by the wind.


Out of all the Starbucks I’ve been to this one is my all-time favourite, and that’s saying something! Not only are the staff lovely, the layout is great and is one of those Starbucks where you feel relaxed enough to enjoy your coffee, but also gives you enough space to work if wanted to.

Plus who doesn’t lovely this big window that lets you look out at the lake?



As if Disney didn’t offer enough entertainment, or if you’re fed up of all the Disney-ness (how could you?!) you can have a drink and/or meal at Splitsville while you challenge your party to some bowling.

House of Blues is a must for everyone. They have a restaurant, smokehouse quick service, shop and a gig venue.

The restaurant serves what you would expect: barbecue, burgers, ribs, roasted chicken and some very lovely veggie options. So make sure you make a reservation, have a drink at the bar before hand and enjoy some live music.

Have you been to Disney Springs? Let us know what you loved / didn’t like about it in the comments below!

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