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Bullet journal monthly calendar

Last year I started a bullet journal and I can honestly say it has helped my day-to-day organisation and the whole process of blogging. From scheduling, to developing ideas, and making sure I don’t have any overlaps. So with all of that in mind, I of course decided to continue using a bullet journal this year.

Now, when I say ‘bullet journal’ people either think “what the heck is that?” or “how do you have so much time to write in calligraphy and draw pretty pictures on every page”. For the first question: a bullet journal to me is notebook which allows you to be organised in your own customised and creative way. As for the second question: no. No I do not spend hours doodling or writing titles in calligraphy because to be frank, I don’t have the time or patience for all of that. If you’re someone who loves to do that, great! But to me, my bullet journal is somewhere I can organise my blogging life, jot down ideas, write draft posts, and keep track of this and that.

The best thing about bullet journals is that they have page numbers on every page and an area at the front for you to write a contents page, meaning you can easily find where you wrote something – you just need to remember to write it down on the contents page haha.

I bought my bullet journal here and I have the dotted version which is typical for bullet journalling. However there is this one here which is classed as the ‘original’, but it doesn’t really matter if you get one of these or just use a regular notebook. It just depends on what you’d prefer.


I guess you now want to know how and what I use my bullet journal for, well here are some of the main things I have in my bullet journal:


Monthly calendars

Although I don’t use this that much, I find it helpful to have a monthly calendar in front of me so that I can work out if I have an appointment on X date, or check if I’m free, or I use it to remind me about family and friends birthdays. As a blogger I also use it to work out my post schedule, eg: when to post something for Valentine’s day. Of course we have calendars on our phones, but sometimes it’s nice to have one drawn out.

I usually only have the current month drawn out, but recently I’ve realised that I draw the coming month out half way through the current month so that I can start having a new section for that month.

Bullet journal blogger content calendar

Content calendar

A simple list calendar (see above) where I can write down the blog posts I plan to do for the month. It’s always great to see what I’ve planned for the month and see if I need to add a post in – I’ve usually missed at least one day, so instead of having a panic never the time I can scroll through this list and notice if something is amiss in advance.

After reading and watching many YouTube videos on bullet journalling I took some inspiration from Anna from The Anna Edit and added ‘P W S T F’ on the right hand side so I can tick off what I’ve done: photos, written post, scheduled, tweeted, and added it to Facebook. This was a new addition this year and I have to say it’s been great so far!


Next months notes

On the opposite page from where I have my content calendar I use this for notes for the next two months after the month I’m currently in – sort of like reminders if anything big is happening that I should consider for future blog posts, e.g: in March there’s Mother’s day, so maybe I’ll do a post for that. This has been an amazing way to stay organised and helps with planning for the future.

Bullet journal stats tracker

Stats tracker

Although I don’t focus on how many followers I have, I do keep track of how many I have at the start of every month. A) because its helpful to see how my blog and social media channels have grown, but also B) if I’m asked by a brand or PR about my stats I can tell them quickly instead of taking the time to check everything out individually. Even though I just realised I should really have this on a media kit… maybe I should do this at some point soon! But overall, it’s just handy to refer back to if I need to.


The rest of my bullet journal will be used for notes, drafting / planning blog posts, writing down ideas and so forth, which makes my endless “oh that’s a great idea” moments a lot easier to manage.


Bullet journals are great for anyone who loves being organised and likes to have somewhere where everything you need is in one place and can easily be carried around with you, without being on your phone 24/7. There’s just something about having things hand written that makes it better in my opinion. Or is that just me?


Wondering what other blogging equipment I use? Check out that post here.



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