Evening Before I Fly Routine

Evening before I fly routine

There are many ‘how to be and feel healthy and fresh whilst on a long haul flight’ blog posts out there, but where’s not many posts on what you can do before flying to wherever you’re lucky enough to go to. Of course there are a number of things you can do during your flight – queue the endless in-flight skincare routines I’ve seen on YouTube, but some of us don’t overly enjoying doing a lengthy routine whilst sitting elbow to elbow with other passengers in coach. So with this in mind I’ve put together my evening before I fly routine. These are the things I usually do whether I have a short or long haul flight.



The evening before a long flight I always try and and eat healthily and make sure to eat plenty of vegetables. This way I know I’ll be getting lots of nutrients into my body to help fight off any potential colds that seem inevitable when on a plane.

As I usually get morning / early afternoon flights, I make sure to have something filling, yet light, the night before, and my vegan chilli is great for this – packed full of veggies and any leftovers can be put in the freezer for when you get back so you don’t need to worry about not having any food in.

Evening before I fly routine


Pampering your skin before, during and after a flight is essential for me. My skin can dry up and look incredibly dull after a long haul flight, so I try and do my best to make sure I look more fresh faced and less like a zombie.

Depending how my skin the evening before I either exfoliate so my skin looks fresh and glowy, or I apply a sheet mask if my skin needs major hydration. However it’s more likely that I do both – yes I am that extra. The exfoliating products I’ve been using and loving are the St Ives blemish fighting scrub, which makes my skin feel super soft and clean. Or if that exfoliating scrub is a little too harsh for my skin at that time I will use my Origins retexturizing mask with rose clay that has exfoliates and deep cleans, but is not as abrasive as the St Ives.

My favourite sheet masks at present are the Farmacy deep moisture and Garnier moisture bomb – the green one that re-balances the skin, which is something my combo-oily skin definitely needs. These give my skin a massive boost of hydration which is exactly what my skin needs before and after a flight.

And lastly, although the face is something we all focus on we cannot forget our bodies, which is why I use a hydrating body moisturiser the evening, and the morning before I fly – I tend to apply more than I normal do in the morning so that my skin is prepped. My current go-to is the Vaseline intensive care moisturiser, which has been working a treat during this winter season and sinks in fairly quickly.

During the flight I don’t do a full skincare routine, so instead I just have the essentials: an eye cream, a travel size face moisturiser and lip balm to top up with so that the plane does not suck the life out of my skin.

Top tip: I purchased the Esteé Lauder advanced night repair eye masks the last time I was in duty free and I used them after my flight and oh my… my eye area looked amazing the new morning! It looked like I had a full eight hours of sleep, even though I only had four.



Whether you pack the evening before your flight, or days, or in my case I organise my clothes a couple of weeks before a trip – yes I know, I’m a little crazy but hey – there are aways last minute items that cannot be packed until the morning of your flight.

Make a list of everything you will be using the morning of your flight that you also have to pack. For example: hair brush, phone charger, skincare products, tooth brush and tooth paste – although these can easily be bought at the airport, any medication, and most importantly always write down to check that I have you have your passport and purse, because… well, no passport no travel.

Evening before I fly routine

Anything else?

Prep your airport outfit so everything is out and ready, yes this does also mean your underwear and socks. This way if you accidentally sleep through your alarm you can quickly throw on your clothes and rush out of the door.

After getting everything organised the last thing to do it get a good nights sleep – or try to get as many hours as possible if you have an early morning flight.


What’s your pre-flight routine?

Evening before I fly routine



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  1. April 30, 2018 / 1:45 pm

    I enjoy watching those in flight skincare videos but I agree, there is no way I’m wacking out a sheet mask on a plane!! I really like the body shop bouncy sleeping mask when I’m on the plane but pre prep I’d say tons of water and makeup to a minimum. Great post!!


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