Spruce Up Your Water


spruce up your water lemon lime orange cucumber mint

We all know that drinking water is really good for us, so why do we still need to be encouraged to do so?

It’s been said that we need to drink 8 glasses a day – which is roughly about two litres, although if you’re in a hotter climate you should really drink more as the hot weather makes us more likely to get dehydrated. But lets’ be real, not everyone likes to drink water. Me? It’s my number 1 drink.

Yeah I know, I’m probably one of the few people to admit this, but I love drinking water. I don’t drink soda or alcohol, and I only occasionally have tea and coffee. So it’s fair to say water is my bff. But a large number of people are the opposite and find drinking water a chore – I get it, really I do, I used to find this too, but after I learned how I liked to drink water (sounds weird I know) I now love it.

So this post is for those of you who want to increase their daily water intake and those of you looking for ways to spruce up your water.

spruce up your water lemon lime orange cucumber mint

Here are a few ways that you can make drinking water a bit more interesting…

1. The classic: lemon and/or lime – not only is this a great way to aid digestion, but it’s also great for the immune system as lemons contain vitamin C.

2. The refresher: cucumber and/or mint. You can have this either with or without the mint – personally I prefer without as I don’t overly like mint in my water, but this combo is wonderfully refreshing, perfect when it’s chilled for hot days.

3. The summer edition: Although I used oranges and blueberries you can use whatever fruits you like. This version adds a different pop of flavour and makes you forget you’re even drinking water.

Top tip: Strawberries – or any berry make an excellent edition.


Things to note

If you don’t normally drink enough water and then start to drink the recommended amount you may notice your body is slight bloated. From my own research and experience this is because your body retains the water as it is not used to being supplied the amount you are drinking. If you drink the recommend daily amount continuously you should see the bloating go away within 2-3 weeks. Obviously this depends on your body and from person to person, but I noticed by body getting ‘back to normal’ after 2 weeks.

spruce up your water orange cucumber mint

Try to be eco-friendly

I’m sure you are all aware of the crack down on plastic over the past few years, so as part of this I would highly recommend purchasing a reusable bottle. I love my S’well bottle and take it everywhere with me – when I go to town, the gym, road trips, the cinema, everywhere. The best thing about these bottles is that they keep water chilled for up to 24hrs or keeps a hot drink hot for about 12hrs. Of course there are many different ones by other brands, but I just happen to have bought mine from S’well and I’ve had no issues with it – hence the recommendation. They have a few different sizes and I’m definitely thinking about getting the mini one for my smaller handbags.

Other types of reusable bottles that are very popular are the tracker water bottles (like this bargain here) where you can see how much you have drunk throughout the day and are reminded to drink more water by the times on the side of the bottle – just remember to fill it up again at noon to get your recommend amount. Or you may prefer a bottle with an infuser inside like this one here so you can easily infuse your water without worrying about accidentally eating the fruit – I’m totally guilt of this!

Of course you don’t have to purchase a reusable bottle, you can reuse a plastic you already have. This way you still cut down on the amount of bottles you buy.


Do you have any other ways you stay hydrated?


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spruce up your water lemon lime orange cucumber mint



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  1. February 25, 2019 / 5:41 am

    Love adding different fruits and herbs to my water. I love cucumber and rosemary also! Great post 🙂

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