My Thoughts on the Glossier Lidstars

Glossier lidstar review cub and fawn Glossier lidstars

The newest product in Glossier’s collection was launched after the Oscars in March, and to much excitement it turned out they were releasing eye shadows – an excellent edition to their minimal makeup selection.

So far the Glossier Lidstars come in 6 shades: Moon, Slip Lily, Cub, Fawn and Herb. I purchased two of the most popular shades: Cub and Fawn. At first I thought Fawn would be my favourite as it’s a very me shade, and to be honest I was dubious about picking up Cub as the colour was a little daunting to me – I didn’t want the rose gold colour to make my eyes look tired / ill. Surprisingly though I prefer Cub as the colour isn’t as rich or pigmented as it’s represented in the packaging, but I’ll get to that later in the review.

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First up, the packaging. As per normal with Glossier the packaging is simple and makes the product super easy to use – whether at home, work or on the train. The packaging reminds me of test tubes or a concealer, especially with the doe foot applicator. This applicator makes putting your eye shadow on very quick and easy as you can use it to directly apply product onto your eyes, or take product off the end and apply with your finger if you wish. You can also use your finger or brush to spread out the product.

It would be worth noting that these shadows do sheer out quite a bit, so there’s no need to worry if you think you’ve applied a little too much. However you can build the eye shadows up to give you a bolder colour, but you might find this easier with a brush as you could be tempted to sheer it out by using your finger.

Glossier lidstar review cub and fawn swatches Glossier lidstars
Glossier Lidstar swatches (l-r) in Cub and Fawn.

As well as building up product, you can also use multiples at one time. Moon would look amazing in the inner corners, and I have used Fawn in the outer corners to give my eyes some definition – this worked very well.

On the Glossier website they claim that the lidstars have a 12 hour wear time, which I can say with certainty they do! After wearing them for 10-12 hours I haven’t noticed any smudging or transfer which is fantastic! Because who has the time to deal with smudging? In addition to this I have never noticed any separation of the cream shadows, even after applying a couple of layers.

Glossier also claim that the lidstars do not crease – a very bold claim for any makeup product. Sadly I did experience a little creasing, but that’s probably due to me having hooded eyes. However the creasing is not very noticeable and could easily be smeared away, even after hours later.

Would I recommend? Yes. Mainly because they are super easy to use and get for quick and easy makeup, and may very well become a staple in my makeup bag.

You can but the Lidstars as singles for £15 or duos for £25

What do you think is next for Glossier? I’m really hoping for a bronzer. Hint hint Glossier 😉

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