Escape To The Country: A Weekend In Sherborne


Escape to the country Sherborne Dorset weekend getaway

Well this is weird, I’ve never done a travel feature that’s based in the UK before, until now that is. Maybe it’s because it’s the whole ‘I don’t find my country / city interesting enough to write about’ thing, but I always had the idea that travel posts had to be about a place I had to travel to via a plane, ferry etc, but when I thought about it, it’s not like I’ve been to and seen everywhere in the UK. Same with those of you in the US, how many of you can say you’ve been to every state? Probably not that many. So when I spent a weekend in Sherborne, Dorset for a family celebration I decided to take some photos and see what comes of it.

Dan and I drove down from the Midlands on the Friday morning and arrived in Sherborne in the afternoon, while of course stopping once twice for an iced sugar free almond milk caramel macchiato along the way – yes I have an extra Starbucks order haha. The whole drive was pretty smooth, but at one point we did wonder where we were because when you’re in the country you have country roads which are… small, curvy, off-road style, and may have an occasional cow or sheep parked in the middle of it.

Hello English countryside!


Here’s what we got up to in our weekend in Sherborne:


Day 1

Stayed at: The Alders. A lovely B&B with country charm, comfortable lodgings and friendly owners.

The drive down wasn’t too bad, but I got very restless after spending 4-5 hours in the car, so after we arrived at our B&B and unpacked Dan and I decided to stretch our legs by taking a good walk around the nearest town to see what’s on offer.

Plus it was an excuse to browse all the restaurants.

Sherborne Dorest buildings weekend getaway

Sherborne Dorset park

Whenever someone mentions the countryside you get an image in your head with lots of greenery and flowers, and Sherborne did not disappoint. Whilst walking around town we went down a street and came upon this beautiful park with the has the gazebo of dreams!


How nice would it be to have a picnic here?!

Sherborne Dorset countryside flowers and bees

The Three Wishes Cafe Sherborne Dorset

After a walk round the whole town, which didn’t really take that long, we stopped at Plume of Feathers – an Italian restaurant that does Italian tapas, where you can try a few dishes instead of having one thing. So naturally we couldn’t say no. We decided to sit outside in the courtyard area as it was a warm evening and the atmosphere was very chilled, yet sophisticated.

The food was delicious and I loved that it was a tapas style restaurant, as it’s one of my favourite type of places as I end up liking multiple dishes and hate choosing between them. Can anyone else relate?

Plume of Feathers Sherborne Dorset weekend getaway

Then in the evening we met up with family and had a lovely chilled out evening with even more good food and a good ol’ catch up before the event tomorrow.


Day 2

Today was the day of the vow renewal so most of the day was made up of being at the event, but as it didn’t start until later in the day we spent the morning having a longer wonder around the town. Seeing Sherborne in the morning is quite different to yesterday afternoon as the grocery stores were full of fresh hand picked fruits and vegetables, we passed a bakery called Oxfords that smelt so amazing it was hard not to buy a loaf of bread and gorge!

After tearing myself away from all the goodies Oxfords provides we came back to the B&B to get ready for the rest of the day.

Sherborne Dorset Oxfords bakery

Sherborne Dorset Oxfords bakery fresh pizzas and pastries

Sherborne Dorset Oxfords bakery fresh baked bread

I’m not usually one to dress up, so whenever I have an event I panic and usually end up messaging everyone I know who’s going what they’re planning to wear. Thankfully everyone was going smart-casual so I felt less like an idiot when I turned up in a nice, but casual, Free People dress (sorry I can’t link it as it’s a few years old now!) and converse.


If you’re wondering what makeup I used for this event I wrote a wedding guest makeup post (you can read that here), which tells you what I wore that day. I got quite a few compliments from other guests, which never happens to me, so make sure you take peek.

The Queens Arms pub Corton Denham Sherborne Dorset

The evening portion of the event was hosted at the The Queens Arms in Corton Denham, which was lovely and the perfect local spot for a pub lunch and most importantly dog spotting. I swear everyone in the country has dogs and I’m so jealous!

Day 3

After an evening of festivities it was nice to have a relaxed morning with a hearty breakfast at our B&B, and then a last stroll through the town.

Sherborne Dorset town

After the last minute stroll and exploring more of the town we got back into our car and drove back home.

Although we were only in Sherborne for 2 nights, it was a lovely getaway and break from the hustle and bustle of where I live.


If you’ve never been to this part of the UK I could not recommend it more, obviously I’m aware I was here during the start of summer when the weather was lovely, bright and warm, however I think this town would be one to visit whatever the weather.

Sherborne Dorset oldest pub The George

Local Recommendations

Seen as we had a packed weekend we sadly didn’t get to explore the local hot spots, but I wanted to share them with you in case you find yourself down that way.

The George – Sherborne’s oldest pub, which has had a fresh lick of paint (or two) quite recently. The George is a very classic traditional pub, that I’ve heard from numerous locals, does a great Sunday lunch – so make sure you go there hungry!

White Hart – The owners of the B&B recommended this to us when we got chatting about all the pubs in the area. Apparently this pub has good food and selection of drinks, and is a great one for meeting friends for a catch up meal.

The White Hart pub Sherborne Dorset

All in all I had a lovely weekend in Sherborne, and I really want to start exploring other parts of the UK, so if you have any recommendations please leave a comment below 🙂


If you want to see more of my travel posts you can check them out here.


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Escape to the country - A weekend in Sherborne Dorset



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